Day 1 - Pain Pushes Until Vision Pulls

Our first step to successfully manifesting transformative, long-lasting change in our lives is to be completely clear about what we want and why we want it. This gives us a feeling of ease and joy, if it is aligned with our soul's purpose, and we can manifest our vision easily because we feel good and confident in the actions we take on a day to day basis.

Setting the Vision

Have you ever set a goal like running a race or getting that promotion at work and then spent the following weeks or months trying to convince yourself that you should get out for that run on your training plan, or should go the extra mile to impress your boss, but you just can't find the motivation and it doesn't happen? How does it make you feel? Do you beat yourself up, feel guilty or like a failure? It's important to pay attention if you have experienced something like this because negative emotions like these lower our vibration and if our vibration is low we can't manifest what we want into our life.

The same applies to our vision. It must drive us to feel excited and alive because these are the high vibration emotions that make manifestation easy. But we must also ensure our vision is aligned with our soul's purpose. The things that sets our soul on fire and brings us fulfillment when we are doing them.

Our Vision must drive us to feel excited and alive and be aligned with our soul's purpose.


Before you opened this Module today did you feel like you already have a vision of what you want to manifest in your life? If you have, how would you rate your clarity of vision between 0-10; 10 being so clear you could describe it to me right now - where you are living, what you are earning, the things you are enjoying, how you are spending your time, how you feel?

How would you rate the alignment of your vision to your soul's purpose; again between 0-10 on the same scale. Write these numbers down somewhere that you can revisit them; in a journal or diary.

If you don't have a vision at all, that is OK, and if you don't know what your soul's purpose is, that is OK too. Just acknowledge that as something to work on.

Now we are going to get into today's activities, starting with a big head's up...

Vision is not a clear picture, a list or even a dream board, it is how you want to feel when you have the things you want in your life. I used to spend ages "creating my vision" of the $ amount I wanted to earn and how I would spend it holidaying and living in a nice place, a nice house. I used to make the dream board and put pictures of those things up on it, to help make the vision clearer, but I still couldn't manifest those things into my life. One day I had a stark realisation that while I had this figure in my head and on my board of this grand goal of earning $10k a month I had no idea what it would feel like to earn that amount. Same as if I wrote $100k a month, they were just numbers that meant nothing. However, I knew how it felt when people thanked me for coaching them and supporting their life transformation. I knew that warm and sometimes overwhelming feeling of fulfilment, just like I knew the feeling of over-spilling love for my family and the gratitude for seeing my girls happy and how I feel when they give me their cuddles. I started to envision them and my clients' happiness, testimonials flooding in, texts saying thank you and my girls running free and smiling. I started to feel the exhilaration of adventure, how I have felt travelling previously and started to see myself saying yes to travel opportunities; yes to anything actually! I saw myself healthy and feeling that warm glow of achievement and fulfillment.

Activity 1

Our first step today is to help you get to that level of vision if you don't have it already. In the worksheet below and at the top, identify what you want, as clearly as you can and then go deeper – why do you want that, why do you want that, why do you want that?

Activity 2

Next you are going to go on a walk and imagine every sensation you can bodily imagine related to your vision; see your vision and feel it like it has already happened.

Manifestation Challenge_Day 1_Vision.pdf

Optional Extra Activity

Struggling with connecting with your sense of purpose?

If so, undertake these extra activities to jump-start the process.

1)  Make a list of what makes you feel good and what makes you smile. These things can be as seemingly small as doing something nice to a person you know, or even a stranger. We often mistakenly believe that ‘having a life purpose’ involves a grandiose idea of changing the world. In reality, it might mean just being fully present for somebody – or saying a kind word to a person experiencing a stressful day.  Next question, if that makes you feel good, what does that say? .

2) Watch this awesome TED Talk and answer the following questions...

1) What are your unique gifts?

2) What do you love to do

3) Who do you do that for?

4) What do those people want or need?

5) How do those people change or transform as a result of what you give them?

Now, put it all together in a sentence.

Vision Checklist

  1. Clarity - Do you have a clear vision now? (Where is your score now between 0 & 10?)
  2. Is your Vision aligned to your Soul's purpose? (Where is this score now between 0 & 10?)

If you answered yes to both of these, congratulations! You are now ready to move Day 2!

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