Day 5 and 6 - The Powerful Skill of Letting Go

The next 3 days are for you; to let go and let in.

It has taken me a long time to master this powerful skill and it is our last key to unlock the magic of manifestation. Letting go is about surrendering and detaching, and being unattached to the particulars of your vision.

So, I guess the truth of the matter is that you took up this challenge because you want to manifest something and it is really important to you. Maybe, like me, it is a financial goal and you need it to happen, or it is the relationship you dream of or a business that is thriving. You want it badly, that's why you are here, and that could be exactly why the universe isn't delivering for you already. Your journey now is to get yourself to a place where it would be nice to have all that you desire happen, but all sense of need is eliminated. And the "how" of your "what" doesn't matter.

The law of vibration is the primary law, the law of life. Everything we are is energy. The law of attraction says like attracts like, so the vibration that you're in dictates what you are attracting into your life. When I was broke and stressed I was just attracting more being broke and stressed, however much I conjured up this vision of a better place. I had a poverty mindset, "I can't afford", "I am not able", saying no to support if I had to pay for it. I lacked gratitude for everything I had already because the way I felt made me feel like I had very little. I hate looking back on those days because of everything I now know I have and had back then, but I guess when you are a mum and your job is to provide for your children and you can't it doesn't feel good. And in those feel bad vibes I was adding to the reasons I wasn't manifesting my vision.

Ultimately when my vision started to manifest into my life, nothing had changed but me! Through personal development I brought myself to a place of an abundance mindset even though I had no more in my life than I did just a few months before that, I just felt like I had everything. My mood had lifted, my inner confidence had grown and my gratitude was over-spilling from every part of me. My fears had gone and I finally felt a strong sense of self-worth, inner resilience, and was investing in the things that stopped me from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or exhausted and that became my new definition of self-care. I had discovered a mindset of abundance and so I was attracting abundance in. 

If it's meant to be you'll have it

Remember my difficulty in the vision of earning a certain amount each month? That sought after $10k? I wrote that figure down on a piece of paper with all these lines coming out of it to the things I "needed" to happen to make that number happen and then when it came down to it doing those things was extremely hard work! One day I realised I had to let it go. I had got a place where I was clear about what that money would bring into my life and was feeling it like it had already happened, I had full trust in that the universe was going to deliver it (just like my Amazon parcel) and I acknowledged there was some work to be done on me to ensure I was open to receiving it. So I let it go and got my head down into my own personal development to learn what I needed to become happy. I changed what I focused on in my coaching sessions with my mentor. I no longer wanted to know what she could tell me about business, I wanted to understand how my brain works and how to change my mindset and become grateful. I paid to join Jim Rohn's Success Academy and learned how to meditate. I started gratitude walking every day and listened to something on the internet that was positive and uplifting. Shoot I even gave up watching tv in the evenings in preference for a good book, knitting or even just sleeping! I basically learned all these things that I never would have done if that 10k had have just landed in my lap and they continue to change my life every day. Moreover, they are what I am now able to teach on to you and help you start to change your life, which brings me full circle to my purpose. You see, I'd got my skills to coach on paper years back, but I had never got that business off the ground

Activity 1

This weekend I want you to think about the higher meaning in where you are at right now. Challenges appear in our life to transform us, not block us. What do you need to learn? What can you do to learn these things?

Next, what specific outcomes do you need to let go of?

Are you living in an abundance mindset or a poverty/scarcity mindset? If the latter, what do you need to shift?

What fears are holding you back from your own inner confidence, self-worth and inner resilience? Where does your anxiety and self-doubt come from?

Activity 2

Repeatedly let go in the moment.

This weekend give in. Practice inhaling whatever shit life throws at you and exhaling it out. Then let it go.

For example, the computer dies on you when you have to put that order through today? It's OK. Breathe in the utter annoyance of it and then breathe it out and let it go. The universe has a plan. The universe has your back. There is meaning in everything even if you can't see it right now. Growth does not equal struggle. Let go to let in and celebrate even if letting go still doesn't bring you what you want because this means that it doesn’t match your vibration and if I've done a good job the last few days your vibration is sky high right now, which means you are going to receive far better then your desire, which is every better news! So be happy and trust the Universe.

All that remains is for you to start DOING.

See your final video below!

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