Day 2 - Your New Decision-Making Default

You will have picked up on Day 1 that a big part of successful manifestation is the emotions we feel, how strongly we feel them and whether they are positive or negative (i.e high vibes or low vibes!) 

If you have read the book ‘The Secret’ or learnt about the Law of Attraction in the past, you will know that to attract the things you want flawlessly into your life you must think about them ("our attention creates our reality"). However, this is only part of the story...  Yes, we must focus our attention on what we want, but we must also feel to the very base of our hearts like the things we are thinking about have already happened and this affects the actions we take and the decisions we make in our day to day.

I know what you are going to say, especially if your vision is hooked on you manifesting some money into your reality....

How do I say yes to stuff I can't afford or that right now feels impossible?

My answer to this is, are you open to look at what is possible?

You see, if your vision was impossible, you wouldn't be choosing it to manifest. So, somewhere inside you see your vision is possible and right now you are just a few tweaks away from manifesting it into being. That is exciting! Making a few small shifts in what you say and the decisions you make in your day are just small shifts that will take you from frustrated that you are not manifesting what you truly want in your life to living the life of your dreams and fulfilling your true potential.

The Powerful Example of "I can't afford"

I used to say this a lot. I was broke, I was constantly worrying about money and I genuinely couldn't afford to say yes to the things I would be if I had the $10k/month I wanted. However, that language was draining me energetically, lowering my vibration and placing all my focus onto everything I didn't have. Every time I decided I couldn't afford something I was focused back on what I didn't have and back in "worry-land". Yes I was trying to see this vision of a better place in my life and everything I wanted on the other side of this horrendous financial situation we had found ourselves in, but my language made that impossible and to be honest, I felt like crap.

One day I decided to change my language and change my perspective. As part of setting that vision of what I wanted my life to be like and feeling it like it had already happened I eliminated the language "I can't afford" from my vocabulary. Completely. In my language I changed my words to "I am not prioritising this right now". This language completely took away any sense of lack. If something did come up where prioritising was necessary, in order to take the low vibe feelings away from the financial decision, I thought about what the Clare in the future would do. For example, my eldest daughter needed new gumboots, but we didn't have the spare money. Previously I would have dumped myself in worry-land about this extra expense, but now I could see Eden in my vision and feel her happiness and how happy that made me and suddenly I didn't need to think twice about buying the gumboots that would prevent their little toes from getting cold and wet, so I bought the gumboots.

I guess I eliminated all reasonability, which some may say was completely irresponsible, but in my eyes I knew I was paving the way for what's possible through my language and in my actions. Moreover, that focus on the vision, that clarity of what I wanted and what it looked like, stopped me spending money frivolously (my vision was particularly minimalist.) I knew my vision was going to manifest. I thought of it like an Amazon delivery - you make the order and then you hardly think about it because you trust in the system that is carrying it on its way to your doorstep!

And now it's your turn to do the same...

Activity 1

Brainstorm what you are allowing to be possible in your life with the language that you use and the actions that you take. Eliminate all reasonability and just focus on that vision you created yesterday and the decisions that person living that life would make. Brainstorm onto a piece of paper

Activity 2

Decide where you'd like to change your language and what you want to say instead. If positive affirmations work for you, create one or multiple positive affirmations that help you to ease into this new language and new decisions. The language of "I allow...." is really powerful. Or one that I created that worked really well, "I am embodying the absence of trust, I am feeling myself fly." This affirmation relieved the anxiety I felt at first making those new financial decisions and also helped me trust that the universe had my back.

See you tomorrow for Day 3!

But first, watch the video below...

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