Day 4 - The Belief in a Thing Makes it Happen

Today is about building your level of certainty that your vision is going to happen for you. Belief is not just about believing that you can manifest what you want into your life, it is about being open to receiving the outcome.

Let me explain...

When I first linked arms with my Network Marketing Company, I spent a lot of time with a mentor setting the vision of what I wanted my life to look like. We set numbers onto vision boards and made Mind Movies of me jetting off all over the world and walking across big stages. However, after a few months of nothing happening to take me closer to this vision I felt frustrated. And our finances weren't improving, I was literally in a place of desperation selling whatever I could get my hands on to be able to go and get food to see us through to my husband's pay day, knowing that the bulk of that would just go straight out again. 

I reached out to my mentor and she asked me a powerful question; she asked, "If you woke up tomorrow and had all the success you dream of, would you be able to manage everything that came with it?"

Her question threw me. I actually had no clue. I didn't have the skills or confidence yet to service that level of success and that knowledge had been eating away at my confidence and making me procrastinate. And then it hit me, my block to manifesting this grandiose vision that I had. Deep down I wasn't open to receiving the outcome because I didn't believe in myself to be able to confidently handle that sort of success and as such, I was not powerfully setting the intention every day for it to happen in my mindset and I was limiting my action to make it happen. I basically lacked confidence and self-worth.

You see, manifestation is not magic. If you came on this challenge believing that you could sprinkle some fairy dust on your thoughts and create the life of your dreams, you are wrong. Manifestation relies on powerful action from you, and yes, most of that action is within your mind; creating belief so strong that your dreams are possible, so that you can also believe like I now do that your vision is an Amazon parcel on its way. Limiting beliefs stand in the way of that. It is also about physical actions that build your confidence and your self-esteem because as soon as you realise your worth and your confidence grows, you shift your energy to attract the good stuff in.

You see our brain sabotages our efforts to install meaningful change in our lives because it is smart. It is protecting us, so we should actually thank ourselves for it doing a great job. It scans for evidence from our past of the things we didn’t do, what didn’t work, what we didn’t accomplish, where we fell short, and where something happened that created fear to protect us from making the same mistakes again.  But that doesn't take us forward. And I believe there is a powerful alternative; we can actually use those past experiences as our greatest power to go forward and manifest our vision.

So today's action is a simple one, but a profound one. It uses the power of speaking something into existence.

Activity 1

OK, I might have lied a touch when I said manifestation isn't about magic... In the words of the wonderful J.K. Rowling, "Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic we can have." 

If we speak about the things we want to happen we are focusing our attention on the reality we want to create and we are also letting the universe know we are ready to receive the outcome and setting a powerful intention to make it happen.

Today's activity is another lesson on language. Pay attention to the words you say and how you say them. For example, instead of looking at my diary in the morning and asking, "who am I reaching out to" I started asking "where am I closing today?" And I asked the question with hope, enthusiasm, and belief in what I was saying. This will build on day 2's activity, only we are not just saying affirmations hoping that the Universe is listening and will deliver, we are letting the universe know that we trust it is coming and we are ready for it.

The other shift in language we must make is losing the words I want or I need. We must speak as though we already have. Remember your new decision-making default. You are acting as if you already have what you want in your life, so change your language accordingly to speak your dreams into existence. It requires some practice and discipline, because more often than not, most of us are complaining about what we don't want instead of praising what we do want!

So pay attention. Every time you're tempted to complain or vent about something today turn the negative sentence into one of gratitude. 

For example, "I'm so frustrated I am not making enough money" or "I want/need to earn some money today" becomes "Thank you for the ($ amount) I will receive today."

Watch the video below for more tips!

Activity 2

Commit to setting a powerful intention for your day as part of your morning routine. As you open your eyes and feel grateful for what you already have, and what is to come, ask yourself what is the one action you're inspired to take today to move you towards your vision. Like my "where am I closing today?" Make it an achievable action. Commit to doing it. Hold it in the forefront of your mind so that it gets done over other things that you have on the to do list. Write it down in your journal if this will help you. Get out of bed feeling good. Smile. Remember, feeling good is a big part of manifesting.

And now we have the clarity and are open to manifesting, tomorrow we will begin to learn the Powerful Skill of Letting go, so we unlock the final keys to attracting what you want flawlessly into your reality; being unattached and being detached.

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