Module 1 - Your Internal Abundance!

Abundance is a state of being. 

When our "inner landscape" is well tended, we are able to face our stories and face our fears.

  • We can finally allow ourselves to dream
  • We can see who we authentically are and bring more of that person into the current situations of our life
  • And we can feel into our life purpose; our Soul Goal.

Try and do this course across 14 days; a module per day, starting today!

Today we will identify your Internal Abundance Rating to really understand what your inner landscape is looking like. How many weeds have you got growing in there? Which ones are deep rooted and which ones are low-hanging fruit you can pull out?

To do this, open up the worksheet below and score each line between 0 & 10 (10 being highest!)

To get your Internal Abundance Score as a percentage, add up each of your lines, divide the number by 260 and then multiply by 100.

Will you share your rating in my Facebook Group?

Next, spend some time thinking about 3 things you would like to improve across the next 14 days.

Whatever your score, an amazing way to start feeling better is to every morning as you get up out of bed, place both your feet on the floor, open your chest and say out loud "I love my life!" as part of the Morning Ritual you can find in your Soul Goal Kit!

Start doing this from TOMORROW!

You don't necessarily have to take this course across 14 days, but I recommend challenging yourself to compete in 14 days! Remember, this is a warm-up. You don't want your heart rate to drop too much or you will go cold.

Discover Your Internal Abundance Rating (1).pdf
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