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  Day 17 - The Journey to Wholeness

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When we honour who we are, we encounter our fears

I am pretty certain you will have experienced this by now.

Whatever your fears are... The fear of not fitting in, the fear of being judged or getting bad feedback, the fear of being excluded, looking stupid, being rejected, losing friends... the fear of disappointing somebody by speaking your truth, or finding you no longer belong.

How have you mapped out your life based on the experiences that have created these fears?

Stop for a moment and think about that question.

Every experience we have in our lives creates a belief that dictates our actions. How has your path of action changed because you began to believe something?

Today's activity is to journal, meditate or even just plant the seed of this question, how have you mapped out your life based on your experiences? Revisit your story. See the map in black and white.

What parts of you have you repressed because of your fears?

Social Media (Optional) Activity

Are you open to share what you find?

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